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Support for Life
Support for Life

Circle of Grace Group


Circle of Grace Group 


Usually 3rd Tuesdays, 7-9pm 


Contact: Linda Parker, 


Circle of Grace is a discussion group seeking to explore how the church can be a safe place for people with same-sex attraction to explore their relationship with Christ in a loving, biblically-faithful environment. Discussions are focused around books, videos, and other resources. We also seek to be in dialogue with church leadership to this end. 

For more information please contact: Linda Parker

Hearts Restored Support Group

Tuesdays, 7-9pm

Hearts Restored is a faith-based outreach where you will find a safe, confidential place to share with other women who understand the devastating effects of sexual betrayal. We are engaged, married, separated, and divoreced women who do not judge each other but rather embrace that we are all on a similar journey with a common goal. Support is a huge part of our recovery. We have seen God do amazing things in our lives, bring healing and restoration. We are here to help you as others have helped us. This group is for and about you, not your spouse or partner. Sexual betrayal, whether it be pornography, emotional or extramarital affair(s), is traumatic and disorienting. Come let us reassure you that it is not your fault, that you wil make it through this, and that there is hope. We will share/discuss topics on some of the core areas for healing such as anger, identity, disclosure, setting boundaries, detachment, triggers, self-care, his repentance, forgiveness, and trust. 


Sister Sister

1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7-9pm

We are a group of women who have ALL survived multiple tragic events and are able to help other women as we share as sisters in Christ. We are outreach and discipleship focused, study God’s Word, worship and pray. 

For more information please contact: Elizabeth , 614.397.7764



Beginning, Wednesday, January 24, 7-9pm

Contact Chuck Clark,

GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. This 13-week co-ed discussion/support group is for those grieving the death of a loved one and can be joined at any time. 

For more information please contact: Support For Life , 614.259.5472


Thursdays, 7:30pm

Contact Tom, or Support for Life, 614.259.5289 or This is a substance (drug/alcohol) abuse recovery group for young men.

Celebrate Recovery

Every Friday, 7-10 pm

Celebrate Recovery meets weekly at our Cooper Road Campus.

Celebrate Recovery is a biblical, Christ-centered recovery fellowship for those desiring to heal from any addictive, compulsive, or destructive behavior – hurts, habits or hang-ups. This is a safe place to share pain, struggles, victories and hope with others. Meetings include a time of worship, teaching, sharing and fellowship. Join us to experience God's loving power to transform!

For more information, contact Debbie Johnson, 614.259.5289 or the Celebrate Recovery Team.

For more information please contact: Support for Life , 614.259.5289

180 Men's Recovery Group

Mondays, 7pm

180 exists to help men who struggle with sexual brokenness find healing through Jesus and His Holy Spirit and grow in a healthy relationship with God our Father. This ongoing ministry is open to all men, meets weekly throughout the year, and emphasizes both the healing power of God AND the personal responsibility of men to do whatever it takes to live a life of purity.  The evening includes worship, a teaching time, small group accountability, mentoring, and healing prayer.

For more information please contact: John Doyel , 740.649.6050

Loving Someone With Mental Illness

1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7-9pm

This is a support group for families and friends of people with mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, borderline personality disorder, etc.). Each meeting includes a short teaching, discussion and prayer.

For more information please contact: Karen Twinem, 614.439.8475

Sisters of Sarah

Sisters of Sarah

Usually meets 1st Thursdays, 7:15-9:15pm

Contact: Melissa,, 614.353.1792 or Jeannine,, 614.578.7094

Sisters of Sarah is a hope and support group for women facing the hardship of primary or secondary infertility. We invite you with open arms for a time of sharing food, socializing, open discussion, and prayer together.

Circle of Love Group

Circle of Love Group

1st Mondays of most months, 7pm

Contact: Fred and Nora Seeman,

This confidential group meets to bring hope, support and resources to the family and friends of people who have same sex attractions.

For more information please contact:





Tuesdays, Beginning April 10, (9-week group), 7-9pm 


Contact: Dana Moody at 


Cost: Free 


Registration: Pre-registration is required (space limited) 


This is a nine-week closed support group offering hope, healing, encouragement, and accountability for women who want to be more hungry for God and less dependent on food (compulsive or emotional eating) or dieting (obsession with weight or exercise) to meet emotional needs. Meetings will include a short teaching, group discussion, and prayer. 


For more information please contact: Dana Moody

Circle of Hope


Circle of Hope (Formerly Moving on with Jesus) 


Beginning Friday, April 6 (7-week group), 7-9pm 


Contact/Register: Sue, 


This group is for women with unwanted same sex attraction (SSA). We use the Taking Back Ground teaching. During our meetings we will recap what was discussed in the Taking Back Ground videos, discuss what was learned and how God is moving in our lives, and end by spending time praying together. 

For more information please contact: Sue

Hearts Restored


Hearts Restored (8-Week Class) 


Tuesdays, April 3–May 22, 7-9pm 




Registration: Pre-registration is required. 


The experience of sexual betrayal is traumatic and disorienting. This 8-week class will feature teaching, discussion, prayer, and testimonies from women who have seen God work powerfully in their lives through their healing journey.

We will cover topics that are foundational to God-led recovery including an overview of what true recovery looks like, the effects of trauma, establishing safety, self-care, building a support system, setting boundaries, detaching, accountability, managing triggers, finding hope, and planning for the future.

The workbook “Journey to Healing and Joy” will be used, and there will be weekly homework assignments. To help facilitate safety and community, the class will be closed to new participants after the first session. 

For more information please contact:

#MeToo: Hope and Healing for the Survivors

#MeToo: Hope and Healing for Survivors

Saturday, April 21, 9am-1pm 

Headlines of sexual harassment allegations that began in October of 2017 created a tidal wave of women coming forward, sparking the #MeToo movement. Thousands of women have similar stories—maybe you are among them. The downside of the #MeToo movement is that it’s brought up years’ worth of pain but no resolution, no healing, no place for anyone to process what happened to them.  But there IS hope, and that hope is found in JESUS and His healing community.

Join us on April 21st as Vineyard Women and Support for Life ministries partner together for this one-day event filled with life-giving messages meant to break through your feelings of shame, fear, and powerlessness and minister Christ’s healing to some of your deepest wounds.  

For more information please contact: